Is it possible to study Medicine at online?

Universities and students are clear about the importance of online training and the facilities and flexibility they allow. You must be aware that all areas and careers cannot transfer all their subjects to the online world. It is mainly about technical, scientific or health careers in which practical learning is the pillar of teaching and the key to be able to exercise certain professions.

How it works?

Obviously, it is quite complicated for a future doctor to learn to do a medical examination or suture only through digital content and training videos. In addition, it should also be noted that in health careers the development of soft skills and the development of social learning is very important and for this it is necessary to interact with their teachers and gather online medical education in Medicina no Paraguai. As of today, there is no national or international university that offers the whole career of Medicine in online mode. But it is true that some of them offer the blended modality, being able to do some theoretical subjects at a distance.

When it is essential?

The thing changes when you talk about postgraduate training where it is more frequent to find courses and specialties offered in online training. Obviously, this type of postgraduate training has a theoretical basis or is designed so that distance education meets the same expectations as in-person training. This is the case of some postgraduate courses that you can consult online such as this Master of Forensic Medicine or this Postgraduate Diploma in Neuropsychology of Neurodegenerative Diseases. On the other hand, many universities opt for mixed training such as the Master in Integration and Resolution of Clinical Problems in Medicine.

Conclusion: Is online or face-to-face training better?

No educator or teacher, like the studies conducted on the subject, dares to state which training is the best or the most convenient. A study conducted by the Educational Research Association did emphasize that some of the facilities and tools with which online training works are more effective than face-to-face classes. Students can gather worldwide education, mass learning, professional articles, sharing ideas, aware of current and future medical statements, new inventions and lots more. But in general, you have to buy thousands of books every month to get that knowledge. However, it is also true that there are still some details to be covered in online training, especially in relation to student experience and interaction with other participants.

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