Emu Oil Cream: Feedback

Since there is a predisposition to varicose veins, I try different creams with anti-varicose effect.

Emu Oil cream is quite light, well absorbed into the skin, has a slight odor, which practically does not remain on the skin. A bit watery. Does not form a film on the skin, moisturizes. can still be used immediately after shaving – does not cause irritation … in general, I really liked the skin moisturizer …

as for the declared preventive / therapeutic effect – I did not notice it … the heaviness in the legs does not relieve, the tension in the muscles, too, does not give a refreshing effect, it does not cool as well. may, of course, the Emu Oil cream acts more deeply, as stated in the annotation, but here I can not know.

I love to mix Emu Oil cream with tanning gel – together they are well distributed over the skin and give a natural light tan.

The Emu Oil cream is very economical. 4 months does not end with more or less regular use.

I give a rating of 3, because I didn’t notice the effect, which was declared by the manufacturer (stress relief, cooling, etc.), but I was very pleased with the moisturizing properties.

Emu Oil Cream for anti-aging remedy

Powerful anti-aging remedy is an advanced formula. Skin care based on naturally obtained active ingredients.
Anti-aging nourishing face cream deeply moisturizes and strengthens the skin, helping to fight mimic wrinkles. Rejuvenates, repairs damage and protects the skin from free radical damage. Preserves natural moisturizing, gives an amazing feeling of softness and hydration. It makes the skin elastic, reduces mimic and deep wrinkles.

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