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Practically nowhere in our time, life cannot be imagined without electricity. In everyday use, electricity brings us a lot of benefits. However, due to ignorance, carelessness or negligence, electricity can lead to serious accidents – fires, injuries and even death. Therefore, it is necessary to know and from time to time remember the rules for the safe use of electrical devices and behavior in the event of breakdowns.

Maintenance of the home electrical system

From the connection point, the electrical system or installation belonging to the customer begins, for security and for compliance with which the owner is responsible. Of course, there is no obligation to control the electrical installation with regard to living quarters, however, in the interests of safety and serviceability of electrical appliances, it is also recommended to check the home installation after a certain time. The well skilled electrical services are there now.

Regular inspection

From time to time, instruct the relevant skills and rights of enterprises to check the electrical system of the living quarters. In the case of a significant increase in the number of simultaneously used electrical devices and power consumption, the electrical system must be checked and, if necessary, updated.

Be sure to check:

  • Electrical installations with main fuse up to 35 A – once in 10 years;
  • Electrical installations with main fuse more than 35 A – once in 5 years;
  • Electrical installations in the joint use of apartment owners in a building with two or more apartments (in corridors, basements, etc.) – once in 5 years.

When is it recommended to check the home electrical installation?

  • Flashing light or sparking sockets. Since this can be dangerous, we recommend immediately disconnecting the luminaire or line and contact the firm engaged in electrical work;
  • Fuses and safety devices are defective or missing;
  • The electrical installation is damaged by fire or water;
  • The electrical installation was periodically repaired or the electrical installation was rebuilt, after which it was not checked;
  • The consumed power of the electrical appliances used in the house increased noticeably, and, accordingly, the load on the fuses;

The state of the electrical installation has never been tested, or it has been done for a very long time.

How to check the home electrical installation?

To perform an electrical installation check in a residential building, we recommend calling a specialized enterprise registered in the economic activity register. As a field of activity of such an enterprise, it is necessary to note the performance of planned technical monitoring of electrical installations of type 3. Control can also be carried out by enterprises and persons who possess the necessary means. A famous electrician in Singapore is expert in this matter.

The person performing the inspection visually assesses the condition of the electrical installation, gets acquainted with the installation documentation and the results of the measurements, and, if necessary, performs control measurements. On this basis, a decision is made as to whether the electrical installation is operational and a certificate of compliance of the installation with the technical requirements is issued.

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