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Fine Tooth Health As Per Your Requirement Now

Healthy teeth for a lifetime – that is what most people wish for. But whether this wish comes true depends on many factors: Anyone who treats their teeth regularly and thoroughly has a good chance of keeping them until old age. But the dental care has its pitfalls: Two-thirds of Germans clean too short, too unfocused or too tight. How to do it better, this article reveals.

Hand or electric toothbrush?

More and more dentists recommend their patients to switch to an electric toothbrush. The should remove significantly more plaque than conventional brushes, according to the manufacturers. But even more important than the type of toothbrush is the cleaning technique: Who cleans his teeth for more than two minutes very thoroughly with a manual toothbrush, can also achieve good results. In you will have the best deals now.

The brush shape also plays a role: The bristles should be close to each other and rounded as much as possible in order to protect the gums. To prevent germs from accumulating, you should change your toothbrush every two months.

Good toothpastes contain fluoride

Toothpaste is not the same toothpaste. In the best case, “1000 to 1500 ppm” is fluorideon the pack. The mineral ensures that the teeth better withstand acids and bacteria. If your gums are sensitive, you should also be careful to choose a sensitive toothpaste. It contains less aggressive cleansers that, while providing thorough cleansing, can damage the tooth necks. Periodontitis patients whose tooth necks are already exposed should refrain from whitening toothpastes containing many cleaning agents against discoloration.

Dental floss & mouthwash

Bacteria settle mainly between the teeth to be safe from the toothbrush. To prevent them from spreading and eventually causing dental disease, flossing is recommended. Take 30 to 50 centimeters of floss, wrap both ends around your index or middle finger and leave a space of about three to five centimeters to clean the interdental spaces. Move the floss up and down between the teeth without touching the gums and use a fresh piece of floss for each tooth.

Although mouthwashes are considered a second-line care product, they can also help to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. They are especially recommended for patients whose teeth are particularly vulnerable.

Effective teeth cleaning techniques

Anyone who has suitable dentifrices at hand only has to use them correctly. Although children learn early on how to deal with the toothbrush best, but cleaning mistakes creep sooner or later after all. Circling movements from the gums to the teeth are particularly effective in combating the bacteria. Anyone who shakes easily, without exerting too much pressure and forgets a tooth, makes perfect provision. By the way, grabbing the toothbrush twice a day for two minutes is the minimum. Whoever can, frees his teeth after every main meal of leftovers.

Teeth-friendly diet

Sugar harms the teeth, even the youngest know that. Chocolate, candies and cream pies are a great way to eat for bacteria. But acid can also have negative consequences: citrus fruits, kiwis and pineapple attack the enamel. Better for the teeth are fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and whole meal bread. Anyone who refrains from unnecessary snacks gives his teeth a break. This is important so that the saliva has enough time to neutralize acids and decompose leftovers.

Finding the Effective Cure from the Right Drug De-Addiction

Detoxification of the body is a procedure for purifying the body of the drug and the products of its transformation. Detoxification of drug addicts allows you to move the breaking much faster and easier. The method of UBOD (ultrafast detoxification of the body) gives a chance even for heroin addicts with a long history to pass this stage on the way to recovery without any pain.

Detoxication at home – drugs

Detoxification at home is possible only in a few cases:

  • if the applicant takes cannabinoids – hashish, marijuana;
  • if the patient takes cocaine;
  • if the patient takes a spice;
  • If opioid addiction (heroin, methadone) is in the initial stage. Experience of addiction over a year is a direct indication for hospitalization.

In the event that detoxification at home is possible, the doctor will arrive at the patient’s bed within one to one and half hours. He will introduce special drugs to cleanse the body of drugs and leave his recommendations for further treatment.

If the addict has severe chronic diseases of the internal organs, detoxification of drug addicts at home is not possible. In this situation, if the patient agrees, he will be hospitalized by medical transport to the department of the clinic. As an addiction treatment you will be able to have the best option now.

Detoxification of the body of drug addicts at home

Heroin and methadone addiction are characterized by the development of a painful, painful, multi-day breakdown. Thanks to the help of the doctors of the clinic “Health” you can overcome physical dependence on drugs with little or no pain or even unpleasant sensations.

Detoxification in the clinic in Moscow, means of detoxification

When a patient enters the hospital, the doctor examines it and makes an individual treatment plan. To detoxify (detoxify), the body uses drugs that accelerate the withdrawal of drug compounds from the blood. At the same time, medications are used that eliminate the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal – muscle spasm, tremors, salivation and lacrimation, depression, sleep disturbances, intestinal disorders, etc. Prevention of possible complications is carried out. In the presence of chronic diseases, anti-relapse treatment is carried out, because it is during the break-up period that there is an exacerbation of diseases even before latent.


The duration of hospitalization for detoxification of the body according to the classical scheme can be 3-21 days, on average, treatment lasts about a week. After the patient’s state of health is normalized, and all withdrawal symptoms abate, the addict can continue treatment in the clinic to fully cope with the addiction, or abandon it.

How to get detoxified?

Ultra-fast opioid detoxification is a method of accelerated elimination from narcotic withdrawal. UBOD makes it possible to remove painlessly in six to eight hours.Before the detoxification of the body in the clinic in Moscow, the patient must undergo a checkup so that the physician can objectively assess the state of his health. If there are no contraindications to the procedure, the patient will be put into anesthesia for carrying out ultra-fast detox. Upon completion of the treatment, it will be necessary to stay in the clinic for a few more days under the supervision of doctors.

Best Sources for Better Dental Options Now

Even in modern times, many people prefer to use advice from alternative medicine. For the treatment of various diseases in this case, use medicinal plants, honey, massage, conspiracies, etc. Non-traditional medicine has always preferred medicinal herbs, for many centuries, it was the only thing that was used to treat diseases. Some plant species are still used to treat toothache. Further…

Tips for getting rid of toothache

Each of us has faced such a problem as toothache. Sometimes she found us at home, at work, in the country. In those minutes, we were ready to give everything, but only to stop it. Indeed, toothache is a very terrible thing. What is it from? There are many reasons. The main reason is a tooth disease. But often the teeth begin to ache from the fact that we just chill their nerves. In the you will get all the information for the same.

Means of treatment of periodontal disease

In the development of periodontitis, immune processes play a big role. The microflora of calculus and plaque, as well as their toxins, provoke the formation of antibodies, to which the body reacts by increasing inflammation in the periodontium and resorption of the bone of the alveolar process. This largely explains the chronic lingering process, the exacerbation of periodontal disease. Further…

Recipes that reduce bleeding gums

Tincture from the rhizome straight on a napkin or cotton swabs is applied to the gum 4-5 times a day. Reduces the bleeding gums and decoction of the rhizome rhinoceros erect, it is used for rinsing or applications. The city in the form of infusion has hemostatic, pronounced astringent and anti-inflammatory effects, reduces edemaand normalizes the permeability of blood vessels. Further…

Folk recipes for the treatment of toothache

Folk remedies for toothache are divided into two categories: emergency – when the painkiller needs urgently, and stocked, that is, folk remedies made in advance. With the help of folk recipes, you can remove a sharp toothache before contacting a doctor. Further…

Caries: prevention and treatment of medicinal herbs

According to statistics, tooth decay is now in every second person, if not for everyone, starting from childhood. What is caries, and why does it appear? In medical reference books it is said that tooth decay is the most common disease of teeth, accompanied by softening and destruction of hard tissues with the formation of cavity or dope.

Than to treat, when teeth are hurt

Probably, there are lucky ones who do not know what a toothache is. But those who have experienced it at least once know exactly how painful this is.Toothache occurs as a result of chemical, mechanical and thermal effects on the nervous system of the dentoalveolar system, as well as due to the destruction of hard tooth tissues, peri-toothed tissues, inflammation of the periosteum, jaws or soft tissues surrounding the jaw.


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